Excess Risk  There is a bright star and it’s Excess Risk Underwriters Inc.

Specialist in Industry Specific Programs ERU’s Hospital Program supporting the medical sector, and ERU’s Employee Incentive Program supporting small employers lead the way. Our infrastructure is unique in that we provide Employee Benefit Administration to tradition Employer Groups, Insurers, Reinsurers, and Captive Insurance Company’s, in addition to our Agency Support, and Consulting Services.

Excess Risk

Company Profile ERU are experienced industry professional.

We realize that efficient administration is key to a successful cost effective program that start with superior policy administration and customer satisfaction. ERU’s 17 years of experience and the decades of experience of our staff ensure our customers understand their insurance and reinsurance coverage's and shows them how to maximize their benefit dollar.

Management’s Message ERU a solid foundation supported by strong operation systems.

Our staff with years of insurance and reinsurance experience is committed to quality. Our Agency Operation TeamSales is licensed and insured and ready to support our Broker Clients. Our Consulting Operation has 40 years experience and is ready to assist our clients with any project. Our TPA Operation is also licensed and insured and ready to provide administrative support to Employer Groups, Carriers, Reinsurers and Captive Insurance Company's. Our turnkey Administrative Operation is the backbone of our success and is poised to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Excess Risk Underwriters “THE BEST OPTION”


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Employee Hospital Option Benefit and Rates Revised 10-14-2014

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